elnaz Habibi was born on August 21, 1988 in Tehran, a film and television actor and graduate student. Elnaz Habibi married Mehdi Sahebzam in 1391. Elnaz Habibi performed a theater in childhood. Since 1378, she has been working with the Children's Intellectual Development Center, where she has played several series and films. Afterwards, Mr. Sa'd Soltani chooses Elnaz Habibi for three of his films and follows his career more seriously. Elnaz Habibi went to the front of the camera for 3 films from Kianoush Eyari, played the "Distances" series, and then collaborated with the "Mix Pizza" cinema project, he played the "Seyyedim Day" series, which was released during Ramadan, and also in the series Mr. Cyrus Moghaddam has played a role in the name of Effectiveness.