hasti mahdavi far is one of the most famous and popular Iranian actresses who quickly showed up in the cinema and became famous in the world of acting. "You are Mahdi Farzadeh December 21, 1991 in Tehran" is an actor, graduated from a bachelor's degree in graphics, his father died and lives with his brothers and his mother, his main name is Mahdokht, and he loves astronomy and travel.
He entered the arena in an incident and entered the camera for the first time in the series of 30 in the series in 2010, then went on to perform actor classes in Amin Tarkh classes.
Full Biography Mahdavi Far is an Iranian young actress the fame Mahdi Ovar Mahdi Ovar appeared in the maternal serial of Ramadan 1392 in the role of Reza, then his presence in the serial of the passage of pain and films such as Wednesday and 50 kilo of sour cherries, and consolidated his position.